Premium Package

Premium Package

This package includes Budget Program, Bi-weekly maintenance visits for the entire year, water treatments for the entire maintenance period, and a Lifetime Warranty on all materials and workmanship. Eliminate the chance of unexpected costs!

Budget Program +

  • Bi-weekly Maintenance visits for the entire year
  • Water treatments for the entire year
  • Full extended warranty on labor and materials*


Cost of Bi-weekly Serive Visit:

  • Entry Level Pond up to 6’ x 9’ - $75 ($80 regular)
  • Small Pond up to 8’ x 11’ - $85 ($90 regular)
  • Medium Pond up to 11’ x 16’ - $95 ($105 regular)
  • Large Pond up to 16’ x 24’ - $120 ($130 regular)
  • Extra Large Pond up to 30’ x 30’ - $135 ($145 regular)

Terms and Conditions

  • The Premium Maintenance Program (Program) is only available to ponds, water features, and equipment/components that are new installations by Aquastonia.
  • The service will continue automatically unless you request in writing to terminate the agreement.
  • The Program provides the Extended Warranty on all components in the water feature. The Extended Warranty is valid as long as you are subscribed to the Program. If you terminate the Program, your Extended Warranty is voided. Resigning up for the Program does NOT reinstate your Extended Warranty. The Extended Warranty is valid as long as you are subscribed to the Program.
  • The Program does not cover leaks and/or failed equipment due to customer negligence, vandalism, pest damage or force of nature. Aquastonia reserves full right to determine negligence or attempt to abuse warranties provided by the Program.

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