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How to Create Your Own Paradise 
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Water - eternally moving, flowing, falling… Since ancient times, people have used water not only as a main source of life, but also as a source of healing and longevity. Water’s movement provides relaxation, calms and regenerates the mind, and is Mother Nature’s ultimate beauty. In historic times, it was a privilege of only the higher society to have decorative water landscapes. Today, however, you can transform your ordinary backyard into a sacred place of peace and beauty.

In no time your new pond will become the focal point of your home. You will be able to:
  • Enjoy breakfast at the “shores” of your pond
  • Entertain your family and friends
  • Enjoy an afternoon drink in the company of butterflies and dragonflies
  • Hold a romantic date night with candlelight and wine, while listening to the falling water and enjoying the view of shimmering lights from your pond
  • Have a very efficient and the most beautifully looking storage of fresh water in case of emergency
From Ordinary Backyard to Aquastonishing

The cost of a medium-sized ecosystem pond nearly mirrors the cost of a medium-sized family vacation. However, while your vacation usually lasts only a week, you will enjoy your Backyard Paradise every day for many years to come! With a stunning pond in your backyard, all you need to do is open the door to start your vacation. Your pond will become your true private sanctuary to escape from the outside world. Your physical and mental health will improve.

Water Features attract wildlife of all kinds: from birds, to butterflies, to frogs! A simple decorative pond allows you to have various types of fish, frogs, and turtles as pets, which is making a pond especially convenient for those with allergies to feathers or fur. Aquatic plants will provide you with the opportunity to experiment with new gardening techniques and layouts through lilies, lotuses, and other beautiful water flowers. The sound of running water will drown out all other unpleasant or disturbing noise around your home.

If you have pets, they will be delighted to cool off by drinking clean water or even taking a dip during those hot summer days.

If you have small children and safety is a concern, you can always go with a pondless waterfall-- you will enjoy the same benefits but without the depth of a pond (you can always convert it into a pond later).

  A well-designed eco pond is self-sustaining and requires very little maintenance. Also, the addition of a water feature to your landscape will increase your property’s value, providing you with a unique and desirable “waterfront” property.

Your new Eco friendly pond will be:
  • A private and free of charge Relaxation Spa and Serenity Garden
  • An investment into your Health and Well-being
  • An Entertainment Center for your friends and family
  • A way to Reconnect with Nature
  • A source of Fresh Water for emergencies
  • A Great Investment into your home value

According to ancient China’s art and science Feng Shui, the land is alive and filled with energy. A house with a pond or even a dry creek will always gather and keep more energy than a house with nothing at all. From a sophisticated outdoor waterfall and stream to a simple small fountain or bubbling rocks-- it is up to you to decide what will work best with your home.

Our specialty is custom design and installation of:
  • Decorative Ponds (including Koi Ponds) with Waterfalls and Streams
  • Disappearing (Pondless) Waterfall
  • Water Garden
  • Rock Garden
  • Dry Creek
  • Flagstone patio and walkway

All of our ponds and water features are designed and built to look natural. We also provide a variety of Maintenance Programs: Spring Clean Up, All Season Maintenance packages, and Winterizing.

Custom Made Smart Pond - Design, Installation and Maintenance

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